David’s mantra is that “real art has the capacity to make us nervous,” as stated by Susan Sontag in Against Interpretation, and his subjects are relics from a world left behind. He hunts for life in places long abandoned, searching among the decay for stories of the lives lived within their walls.

Following his interest in design, David graduated from The New England Institute of Art in May 2007 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design. Halfway through his Senior year, David began realizing that his artistic voice was not to be found inside a computer but rather, through the lens of a camera. He composes his photos with a designer’s eye, but is entirely self-taught as a photographer.

David captures his subjects with varying methods. Although all of his current work is medium format, he also shoots 4x5 large format and 35mm film & digital. No artificial light or digital enhancements are used. David's images are the result of light focused through a lens and the chemical reaction that follows.

His current project, Institutional Decay, is a collection of photographs that document abandoned & decaying state mental hospitals. David is also Director of the Rhode Island Print Collaborative.