Since 2007 all of my images have been captured in film. I have used a variety of 35mm & medium format cameras and almost exclusively Fuji Pro160S print film. I use no artificial light or digital enhancements when making my images. They are the result of light focused through a lens and the chemical reaction that follows.

I am entirely self-educated as a photographer. My love for the medium came from the desire to take these buildings home with me. I grew as a photographer simultaneously while growing as an explorer. I began my journey with a Canon AE-1 slung over my shoulder. For a short span of time I shot with a Canon 30D, which allowed me instant feedback on exposure & composition. In this period, I was able to learn a great deal under fire. As my technical proficiency (and confidence) grew, I then graduated to a Canon Elan 7 and 20-35mm F3.5-5.6. After trying several medium format cameras, I ended up falling in love with the 6x7cm negatives from the Mamiya 7II. I paired that with Mamiya's 50mm F3.5 and have been shooting with that exclusively since the latter half of 2007.

Prints are made using a technology called LightJet. LightJet is a true photographic, continuous tone process. LightJet prints are archival quality by nature and I use exclusively Kodak Endura Luster photographic paper, (Surface E).